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Philadelphia. November, 2014. I was a second-year medicine resident who had cashed in my vacation time to attend my first Kidney Week. I clutched my badge with pride: it was the first time my name had been associated with Nephrology.   Flipping through pages upon pages of presentations, posters, and abstracts, I thought: “What am I supposed to do now?” A little help from my friends. In August, I was fortunate to be part of the #askASN Twitter chat about this very topic. Novices and experts alike discussed the upcoming meeting and recalled lessons learned from meetings past. I shared my humble experience but mostly listened. A little ...
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Kidney Week will be here in less than a month, and, once again, will feature some of the most innovative basic science. Topics will encompass cell biology, physiology, tissue engineering, cutting-edge microscopy and sequencing, genetics, targeted therapies and much more.  One of the highlights of every Kidney Week are the morning plenary lectures , which feature topics of broad, general interest in the basic and translational sciences delivered by highly accomplished presenters. Notably, this meeting brings four outstanding plenary speakers.  This begins with Dr. Laura Niklason, whose lung and blood vessel engineering was recognized among the top 50 inventions ...
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Brought to you by #askASN and NSMC Internship  1. Pace yourself! You don't have to go to a lecture in every time block 2. Bring a phone charger, really 3. Go to as many alumni dinners as possible 4. If you see a poster you are interested in, don’t be timid, talk to the author 5. Use the mobile app . It's easier than the handbook 6. Wear comfortable shoes 7. Listen to the daily ASN KidneyNews Podcast daily wrapups 8. The president's address is a must 9. Make it to the morning plenary sessions, you will be inspired 10. Visit the ASN Communities Lounge Have more tips to add? Share them on this threa