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Weekly Rewind: Liver transplant alone vs. simultaneous liver-kidney transplant

Introduction and Background A 59-year-old with long-standing diabetes and end-stage liver disease secondary to NASH is being evaluated for a liver transplant. The patient’s baseline serum creatinine was 1.4-1.8 mg/dl but developed an acute increase in creatinine to 2.7 with worsening ascites...

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Weekly Rewind: Are We Underutilizing Hepatitis-C Donor Kidneys?

By Rebecca Rojas, MD Introduction and Background Acceptance of Hepatitis C donor kidneys is a big topic of conversation today. Are we underutilizing these donor organs for kidney transplantation? With our ever-expanding wait list, more advanced testing (nucleic acid testing ...

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Weekly Rewind: Thin Basement Membrane Disease

Thin Basement Membrane Disease ASN Communities Weekly Rewind Beatrice Concepcion, MD, FASN Introduction and Background A 45 year old white male wishes to donate a kidney. He has a history of persistent hematuria with no proteinuria and a normal blood pressure. Kidney biopsy revealed...

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Weekly Rewind: Donor Evaluation

Donor Evaluation ASN Communities Weekly Rewind Scherly Leon, MD Introduction and Background While living kidney donation provides great potential benefits to kidney disease patients donor evaluation practices, policies and thresholds vary considerably, and importantly, long waiting...