New Communities

How We Do Communities

Nephrology is a broad field and ASN’s membership includes a variety of professionals.  The society’s goal is that as many professionals and interest areas as possible are represented in Communities.

Each interest based community is autonomous, with its own email updates and leadership team. This means that you can subscribe to the communities that interest you and be assured that the content you receive is well curated and professional. These communities are also opt in. When you start or reply to a discussion your message only goes out to a small, select group of individuals. Additionally, every community has its own separate library and discussion archive.

Interested in Starting a New Community?

There are many subjects that are not represented in Communities and the society has developed a process to open new communities. Here are some questions to think through if you have an idea for a community

  • Do you use Communities? Have you updated your profile and been involved in discussions?
  • Has this topic been brought up in the Open Forum? If not, start a teaser thread. That is a good way to identify a core group of   interested people to start a community
  • What aspects of this topic would benefit from input in a larger group? Communities is best suited for big picture discussions,  how would your idea benefit from this platform?
  • Can you commit at least 2 hours of your week to starting and responding to threads? Every new community requires some time  investment, but it pays dividends
  • Who would I invite to serve as co-leaders of the community? Having a strong, committed leadership team is crucial to the community’s success

    If you have any questions along the way, do not hesitate to contact Susan Willner at ASN Communities - or 202-281-5228