What are Communities?

A Professional Environment for Discussion, Networking and Collaboration

ASN Communities is an online platform where members can network, collaborate and discuss important issues in a members only environment. Like a chat room or online forum, you can write posts and others can reply, creating a ‘thread’. To keep discussion organized, there are many communities to house threads around particular topics such as Acute Kidney Injury, Transplant or Basic Research.  All these communities together make up the ASN Communities environment.

ASN members have their own unique profiles that allows you to connect to others with similar interest or in similar locations. You control your the privacy levels. Email digests are sent out weekly, daily, or in real time for each Community to which you belong. You can join the discussion by replying to digest emails or via the Communities website.  Replies can be public to the entire thread or private to a particular author. Each community has a library to hold papers or presentations that supplement your discussion.

Why Communities?

As member driven organization, the American Society of Nephrology needs to be receptive and responsive needs of its more than 20,000 members. ASN Communities puts you on an even playing field, with an equal voice and a bottom up leadership structure. Members from more than 120 countries now have access to the broader knowledge base of nephrology. Individual communities provide opportunities for any member to lead in an area that interests him or her. Communities serves to broadcast issues that matter to you and give you an opportunity to provide input on issues facing the society.