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Why You Should Join An ASN Community Poster Tour

By Matthew Sparks posted 10-19-2018 11:43

Five Reasons You Should Join an ASN Community-led Poster Tour

1)  Relax- Let the community leaders do all of the work. Let’s face it. Who wants to sift through hundreds of posters when someone is volunteering to do all of the work for you.

2)  Surprise- Learn something new. If you rely on your own planning you will likely go to the same types of research/posters that you go to every year. Spread your wings are learn something new. Who knows it could change your career.

3)  New Friends- Each year your Kidney Week punch card grows and grows. While meeting up with old friends is an essential part of any large society gathering, sometimes meeting new people can actually be a bit challenging. The community tour can be your catalyst to make it happen.
4)  Move Along-  We all know what happens once you enter the poster arena. You have your list of posters to see in your pocket and BAM... somebody you haven’t seen in years stops you right while your walking to the first one. No doubt you are stuck. Your agenda is ruined. This is a good thing because you enjoy catching up with your old acquaintance. But, your list of posters to see is, well ruined. Good news, the Community-led poster tour is a non-stop juggernaut of science. We promise to complete the circuit for you.
5)  Blues Brothers- Many of the ASN Community leaders will be giving tours. Click HERE for a full list of poster tours.

    • Why would you miss the opportunity to rub elbows with two of Chicago’s finest?  Edgar Lerma and Roger Rodby will be leading a clinical tour that is sure to be entertaining. They both promised to wear their Blues Brothers outfits (actually, this is usual attire for them).
    • Kelly Hyndman will be leading a tour covering hot topics in basic science.
    • Anna Burgner will be sure to find the educational breakthrough of the year.
    • Join Devika Nair who will lead a Fellows tour
    • Samira Farouk will leada tour through kidney transplantation.
    • Silvi Shah will be looking for Women’s health in nephrology
    • Ilya Glezerman will be touring Onco-Nephrology.
    • Oh yeah, I’ll be doing some tours as well. I promise to mix it up. Education, basic research, and clinical.

Can’t wait to see everyone in San Diego! Join us on what will be some great Poster Tours.  Stop by the Communities lounge and jump aboard!
You can find the complete schedule in the ASN Kidney Week 2018 App under Meeting Info> Exhibit Hall Activities or you can get it online at: ​​​​​