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Top 10 Tips to Enjoy Kidney Week: You won't believe number 10

By Matthew Sparks posted 09-28-2017 11:47

Brought to you by #askASN and NSMC Internship 

1. Pace yourself! You don't have to go to a lecture in every time block

2. Bring a phone charger, really

3. Go to as many alumni dinners as possible

4. If you see a poster you are interested in, don’t be timid, talk to the author

5. Use the mobile app. It's easier than the handbook

6. Wear comfortable shoes

7. Listen to the daily ASN KidneyNews Podcast daily wrapups

8. The president's address is a must

9. Make it to the morning plenary sessions, you will be inspired

10. Visit the ASN Communities Lounge

Have more tips to add? Share them on this thread.